As another year came to a close, we asked our staff what their favorite bottles were in 2015. Just like our little group here, the answers were varied, educated and well, can we say…Awesome!

So here you go. Some great pics from some great people.


From Ron Greene

This  small production, craft distilled anejo is spicy and very smooth with a hint of smoke.  The vanilla of its fabulous little brother, Fortaleza Blanco, is present on the fore palate and adds to the wonderful harmony of this delicious Anejo.

Fortaleza Anejo Tequila

This beautiful Cab from a great vintage will put Clos du Val back on the radar. A stunningly good value, it should only get better with age.

Clos du Val Napa Valley Cabernet-2013

From Joshua Galbo

My intro to French wine (that has remained a favorite), this Bordeaux has notes of blackberry and plum, dark and juicy notes, and a nice mineral finish.  This is a perfect start for those looking to delve into French wines, and a satisfying choice to those already familiar.
2010 Chateau Bel Air Haut-Medoc Bordeaux

This crisp, refreshing and fruity German riesling is just the right balance of sweet and dry.  It is also a great option for those on a budget, and pairs well with spicy dishes.  While I enjoy many rieslings, this one has become one a new favorites.

2008 Dr. L. Loosen Riesling

From Brian Ping

Hailing from the northern coast of Spain, this lightly effervescent white screams summertime. With strong notes of lemon and lime flowing into a zippy, acidic finish, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more refreshing wine.
Antxiola, Getariako Txakolina

Slightly funky from it’s exposure to wild yeast, this California blend is a great example of sustainably made wine. Plenty of fruit throughout, but a dry, almost herbaceous finish keeps you on your toes.

Jambalaia Rouge, La Clarine Farms

From Amanda Rock

Petite Petit is an awesome blend of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot by Michael David Winery. It has a big, bold, mouth-filling, rich berry taste and a slightly spicy finish – perfect for chilly nights!

Petite Petit

Core Vodka is one of my favorite spirits to date. Made locally in Valatie, Harvest Spirits distills Core from their orchard grown apples. With an enticing fruit aroma on the nose and a smooth, crisp taste, it’s perfect for sipping or in cocktails!
Core Vodka